High Voltage

Let Pico help with your High Voltage needs with our vast array of High Voltage choices to fit your application for your Military, COTS or Industrial design.

Ultra miniature, surface mount, programmable, adjustable, isolated, low power, high power… our diverse product line offers many options to help design engineers choose the proper product.

With isolated output voltages from 100 to 10,000 VDC and input voltages from 5 VDC to 900 VDC with power ratings from 1.25 watts to 300 watts, Pico has more products to offer to help optimize your real world applications.

For hi-reliability, expanded operating temperature, and selected environmental screening options, Pico has traveled the universe satisfying our customers’ critical requirements. Custom designs and engineering assistance are a phone call away at 800-431-1064 or email your request to info@picoelectronics.com.

Note: All PICO products can be modified to your specifications. Please contact us for information.

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Part Number Product Sub-type Minimum Input Voltage (VDC) Maximum Input Voltage (VDC) Single Output Voltage (V DC) Output Max. Current (mA) Max Output Power (W) Line Regulation Vin Min to Vin Nom to Vin Max (±%) Load Regulation 25% Load to Nom load to Max Load (±%) Efficiency @ Full Load Typical (%) Typical Input Current @ Full Load (mA) Typical Output Voltage Ripple @ Full Load (Vp-p) Full Load Output Voltage Tolerance (±%)
SIRC100S Surface Mount, Single, Regulated 18.0 60.0 100 80.000 8.00 0.50 1.0 82 250 0.600 0.50
SIRE100S Surface Mount, Single, Regulated 5.0 15.0 100 60.000 6.00 1.00 1.0 81 740 0.600 0.50
SIRF100S Surface Mount, Single, Regulated 8.0 24.0 100 80.000 8.00 1.00 1.0 82 610 0.600 0.50