Power Inductors

Pico Power Inductors are ideal for noise filtering, Spike, and output filtering applications in AC-DC Power Supplies, DC-DC Power Supplies and Switching Regulators. All of our Power Inductors are manufactured to MIL-PRF-27, Grade 5, Class S.
The Surface Mount models utilize materials and methods to withstand extreme temperatures of vapor phase, I.R., and other reflow procedures without degradation of electrical or mechanical characteristics.
Pico Electronics, Inc. is QPL Supplier and can manufacture and test our size 1 thru 5 Thru Hole Power Inductors to MIL-PRF-27/356. Please consult factory for pricing, delivery, and appropriate part number (MIL-PRF-27/356-01 thru MIL-PRF-27/356-63) information.
Plugin units can be manufactured and tested to MIL-PRF-27/365. Contact us for price and delivery information and for appropriate part number (MIL-PRF-27/365-01 thru MIL-PRF-27/365-63). Pico Electronics is an approved QPL source.

Note: All PICO products can be modified to your specifications. Please contact us for information.

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Part Number L@0A DC (μH) IDC for 10% drop in L AMPS IDC for 20% drop in L AMPS IDC for 30% drop in L AMPS RDC OHM SRF MHz
73965 50 Micro Henry 0.77 1.11 1.40 0.129 4.95